Pam Winston has been my friend, my exclusive hair care professional ( for over 20 years), and now, since she has become a Reiki Master, my "Alternative Medicine Energy Healer!" Just finished a marvelous 1 hour session with Pam. I feel wonderful! She relaxed and relieved all my pent up stress spots. Reluctant as I was, coming out of my "slumber state" off her luxurious massage table, I'm now floating comfortably back to my busy life, loving everything :) …Thanks Pam for the total attitude adjustment!

  • Nick Nadorff - Lee, MA

Pam has been doing my hair since she graduated from school.  She used to work in Amherst, Ma, which was much closer to where I live.  But she moved away when she got married and I really like the way she takes care of me, so I am still with her, even though I have to travel one hour to get to her.  She is very accommodating and keeps up with the latest trends and offers good advise for my needs.

She also does Reiki therapy, which is so relaxing.  It makes me want to fall asleep it feels so good.  It’s a wonderful way to get rid of the stress of everyday living.  I would recommend her services to anyone.

  • Jill LaFleur - Easthampton, MA